Advantages of using viscoelastic toppers

1. Help reduce pressure points

The viscoelastic foam deforms very slowly, adapting the mattress to the shape of your body until it neutralizes the pressure points when resting. It is the material most recommended by physiotherapists and medical specialists to relieve pressure. In fact, this foam is used both in footwear, as in chairs and of course in mattresses.

2. You can refresh your rest

If you are hot there are different better than traditional viscoelastic mattresses that may interest you. The main improvements or advances would be the breathable viscoelastic mattresses or the incorporation of gel capsules in the foam to make the rest more comfortable and especially fresh.

3. Can soften a mattress

Sometimes when you buy a mattress you have the opportunity to try it at home for a few days, with the guarantee of being able to return it in case it can be too hard. However, it is difficult to ensure that this mattress will work perfectly for 10 or 20 years since our physical condition changes. In these cases do not worry, because with a viscoelastic plate or Visco topper you can soften the firmness and comfort. You just have to place a soft viscoelastic mattress over your mattress and you will significantly reduce the firmness of your mattress.

4. You do not need additional bedding

These overlays are designed so that you can place it on top of your mattress without having to change the lower sheets. It’s only about 5 or 10 cm, so you do not have to change the sets of sheets or sheets.

5. They extend the life of your mattress and it is more hygienic         

With time and use, the mattress can become deformed and less comfortable. It is also exposed to the body’s own natural moisture, as well as possible fluids or stains and the viscoelastic mattress pad will protect it. The usual thing is to change a mattress every 10 years, but a topper can keep and extend the useful life in good conditions for another few more years of your old mattress.

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